Coaches Accelerator
Apr 2017

Fall in love with the business of coaching.

Join the 3-month Coaches Accelerator and start building a successful coaching business.

Most coaches love the box on the left
and hate the one on the right.

To build a succesful coaching business, these boxes should overlap.

What We Do

The three-most impactful months
of your coaching business.

Our philosophy is simple. We push you.
We push you to the point where you are slightly uncomfortable. We push you because we know that you are capable.

But we don’t just push you and then leave. We stay with you to support and guide you through whatever comes up. On the weekly video calls. In the daily check-ins. While we're practicing. Out there in the world.

We push you because we know how great you will feel when you look back and say, “Whoa. I did it.”


Designed to take you higher.


Three-months long

Give yourself the necessary time for real transformation to set in.

Your own homegroup

Join three other coaches who are all building coaching businesses.

Homegroup coach

Get guidance from someone who's already built a six-figure business.

Accelerator app

Use our app which we've designed to support you during the program.

Breakthrough day1

Come celebrate and share your breakthroughs in the culminating event of the program.
1. Held in New York City.


Ideal-client profiling

Understand your ideal-client criteria and where to find them.

Simulation games

Partner up and practice numerous enrollment scenarios.

Handling objections

Get comfortable and learn how to navigate objections succesfully.


Practice, receive feedback, and refine how you present yourself.

Real-life exercises

Put your practice into action through exercises in the real world.


Weekly 2hr group-coaching

Get advice, guidance and support from your coach (over HD video).

Homegroup feed2

Share and discuss your experience with your homegroup and coach.

Daily Freshstart®2

Plan your day, set intentions and cultivate your inner-resources.

Branding guidance

Receive advice and feedback about establishing your coaching brand.

Helpful alumni

Connect with past graduates and current program participants.
2. Accelerator app feature


Teamwork makes your dream work.

We use video to bring everyone closer. From weekly group coaching to simulations to self-presentation practice.

Accelerator App

Our app helps you make every day count.

Start fresh daily

Each morning you'll do our Freshstart® routine so the day begins with a clean slate.

Cultivate inner-resources

Your success depends on inner-resources like courage, confidence and peace so we have you cultivate them daily.

Track your progress

See how far you’ve come, where there's still room for improvement, and where to grow next.


One simple plan.

3-months long
Homegroup membership
Homegroup coach
Weekly 2-hour group coaching
Ideal-client profiling
Simulation games
Handling objections
Self-presentation training
Real-life exercises
Accelerator app
Homegroup feed
Daily Freshstart®
Branding guidance
Helpful alumni
  $399 / month. For 3 months


It works.

“Life changing experience”

“Massively grateful”

“I feel very fortunate for this”

Fire up your coaching business.

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